Before you start:

Pin hair as flat and as tight as possible before taking  measurements. This will eliminate bulges that distort head contours.
For best results take measurements in the style you plan to wear your hair under the cap. . We suggest wrapped or braided styles. The flatter the style, the more natural your unit will appear.Take measurements at least three times to ensure accuracy



The Circumference of the Head:

Measure your head with tape measure around your hairline. This measures the distance around your head


From Forehead to Nape of Neck:

This measures the length of your head from the front to the nape of your neck. Tilt your head back and look up. Where your neck bends is your nape. You want the bottom of the wig to sit right above this area so your wig will not shift.

Ear to Ear Across Front Hairline:

This measures your hairline ear to ear. Place the tape where you want the unit to begin and end.


From Ear to Ear Over Top of Head:

This measures your head for the top of the wig base. Start at the top edge of one ear and go directly across the top of your head to the top edge of the opposite ear.

Point to Point:  From temple to temple:

This measures the area from the temples around the middle back of your head to the other temple. This ensures a natural hairline.


Nape of Neck:

This measures the width of your neck. Measure across the neck to the opposite side.